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Saito Sensei dedication web

YouTube channel TAE Instructional films from Takemusu Aikido Europe with Lewis Bernaldo de Quirós (6th dan)

YouTube channel TAKN Instructional films from Takemusu Aikido Kyokai Nederland with Lewis Bernaldo de Quirós (6th dan)

Aikido Journal

Aikido en Línea (In Spanish)

Books and videos about Takemusu Aikido

Morihei Ueshiba – Budo teachings of the founder of Aikido Kodansha

Saito Morihiro – Traditional Aikido 5 volumes

Saito Morihiro – Its heart and appearance

Saito Morihiro – Takemusu Aikido DVD. Volumes 1 – 6

Saito Morihiro – The lost seminars DVD. Volumes 1 – 6

Hoa Newens – Aikido Curriculum DVD. Volumes 1 – 6

Mats Alexandersson – Aikido Buki Waza

Mats Alexandersson – Aikido Osae Waza

Mats Alexandersson – Aikido Nage Waza

Mats Alexandersson – Aikido A beginners guide to Traditional Aikido

Associated books

Peter Ralston

  • Zen Body Being
  • The Principles of Effortless power
  • The Book of not Knowing
  • Pursuing consciousness
  • The Genius of Being


  • The way of liberation
  • True Meditation
  • Emptiness dancing

Sri Nisargaddatta Maharaj

  • I am That

Jean Klein

  • The Book of Listening
  • I am